September 20th 2023 - Classification Talk by Member Lee Anstead & the 50/50 pot continues to grow.
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests:
Visiting Rotarian Randy Seager from Guelph recently relocated to Cobourg and joined us to check out our club.  Joel Scott joined us as a guest.  Thanks Helen for inviting Joel.  
District or Club Announcements:
  1. District Conference – still lots of space available and the program has been unbundled for anyone that is able to attend only one day.  
  2. Foundation Walk – upcoming on October 15th - see Boris for details
  3. DG visit to the Port Hope Club on November 13th  - please let Mel know if you are attending as she needs to provide numbers as it is dinner meeting
  4. Mel expressed a big thanks to Karen for a wonderful evening on September 13th.  On behalf of the club, Denise presented a card and small token of our appreciation.
  5. Christmas social (catering funds):  Mel suggested the December pod take the lead to organize the Christmas social and perhaps use the catering funds.
Speaker Introductions – Classification Talk by Lee Anstead
Lee Anstead introduced himself to the club this morning.  Lee mentioned that he was born in England and relocated to Canada with his family as a child.  They moved a bit including living in Eganville, Shawville and a few other places however Lee mainly grew up in Oshawa.  He graduated from secondary school and "tried everything except a male dancer".  Previous jobs include snow plow operator on the 401(yikes that sounds dangerous), cabling for Rogers etc.  
The number one thing Lee learned working with Rogers is – "how to diffuse customers".  While working with Rogers, Lee was commuting from Oshawa in to Toronto, eventually he started working as a helper at Oshawa Refrigeration Service and then later JL Refrigeration.  Enjoying the work, Lee began an apprenticeship program and earned his Refrigeration and Gas Licenses.  
Six years ago, Lee and his family moved to Colborne and not wanting to commute into Toronto for work, Lee started his own successful business.  Living in the country, inspired Lee to get into farming.  He started small with chickens and a couple of pigs.  (Lee's wife is not a pig fan.)  Lee says he would love to "wake up on tractor every morning.  That would suit me just fine."  Lee is married with three children; two children in high school and his eldest son is completing his second year at Brock University.
Lee is drawn to Rotary because his favourite boss was a Rotarian.  He has always admired and respected the work of Rotary and is proud to be a member.
Committee Updates:

PR Committee:  Aimee is taking the lead to order wearables.  She visited PJ's and picked up the remaining inventory from the previous order.  Aimee will send an email to remind everyone about the ordering process and timing.
Happy Bucks:
Melissa:  Is pumped for her honeymoon.  She leaves September 21st.  Safe and happy travels Melissa!

Elaine:  Acknowledged the beautiful job Scott did at Ron Spiewaks – celebration of life on September 16th.  Scott represented the club very well in paying tribute to Ron.

Linda:  Happy that her son and his wife's home and chicken coop in the backyard have sold.  Linda is happy they ignored her advice to take out the coop, as the buyers specifically asked for it to be included.  

Paul:  Proud of the Racine Farm's amazing showing at the Fall fair.  

Mel:  Happy to share Matt's sister ran in the Terry Fox run on September 17th.  It was a perfect outlet for her high energy.  Mel also mentioned the synchronized swimming program she and Amy lead and is happy that registration levels are high.  Busy but fun.  

Rhonda:  Happy to share the good news of the opening of the Rose and Bob Avery Integrated Stroke Unit at the Northumberland Hills Hospital.  Rhonda acknowledged the generous support of Ray Gupta and his family for making the unit possible.  

Helen:  Very happy to bring Joel Scott as a guest.  She is also happy about mead making with Melissa.  Everyone is invited to Helen's house to sample the product.  Bring your sleeping bag!
50/50 – with no winner today!